What makes us different?

THE SIMPLICITY of providing with the oldest and most real certified ingredients. We are pride to encourage a community that seeks true nutrition and we can make sure that they are consuming products out of the ordinary.

Our Story

NATURA BIO FOODS® is born from the vision of its founder to give access to certified organic natural products, with extraordinary nutritional characteristics in the food industry.

2009 We established ourselves in Zapopan, Jalisco as a MEXICAN COMPANY dedicated to the manufacture and merchandise of natural ingredients, which benefits a healthy lifestyle.

2013 Integrated solutions for the development of private brands of ORGANIC AGAVE SYRUP were established in the international market. Operations began at our manufacturing plant located in El Salto, Jalisco, which used to produce agave syrup and agave inulin.

2016 A range of products were launched using the NATURA BIO FOODS® brand. Our first launching was Organic agave syrup as a natural sweetener, also our premium line which offers a great variety of flavors.

2017 Organic nopal powder and organic coconut flour were launched; Avocado oil was added to the product line.

2018 Our own avocado oil process plant was opened, due to the increased demand from currently potential customers.

2019 NBF distributions INC was created as American company in US and started sales through amazon.com

2020 NBF Health and Beauty line and NBF-MARKET.COM as our online store were launched in Mexico.


We want to make sure that our national and international clients have access to products rich in benefits provided by our mother nature, that promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Meeting strict quality standards and providing excellent service that meets the final consumer and business partners needs.


To become into a Mexican company with a balance between growth and stability, having year-on-year capabilities and human talent trained to develop projects and new products of the national and international market backed by scientific research programs, with an ecological and quality approach.


If you have questions about these certifications or allergy problems, please contact our customer service team: contacto@naturabiofoods.com for more detailed information.

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