Bulk Buying Partners

We are always happy to work with bulk purchase customers. We offer almost all our products in bulk presentations. When you buy in bulk, you drastically reduce the product-packaging ratio. Less garbage, more product, and the same quality!

At Natura Bio Foods® we provide you with a bulk supply of our ingredients anywhere in the world.

With our international certifications HACCP, KOSHER, USDA Organic, JAS Organic, Canada Organic and EU Organic.

We are dedicated to meet the best industry standard and offer the best quality ingredients in the market.

We offer several inventory in the U.S providing you with efficient solutions. We warehouse in our California location. We also offer factory-direct shipping from our warehouse in México, which provides additional options that fit your manufacturing needs.



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Through working with the international market we have also became a seller in the global B2B community of buyers and sellers for the global nutrition and food ingredient industry, in order to make the exportation process more cost efficient:

They are our B2B E-COMMERCE market place in which we offer online choices at very competitive pricing.