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Sesame Oil

Americans and latins may want to cook with sesame oil to flavor any Asian dish to stir-fry or marinade meat or fish.

Natura Bio Foods Sesame oil is light brown color with golden reflections, has a fine and delicate aroma with smoke notes. In the mouth there is an explosion of asian flavors with a bitter and spicy finish.

Made by cold extraction and mechanical processes with roasted sesame seeds from Mexico.

Make delicious dressings mixing rice vinegar, fresh grated ginger, and mustard for any combination of salad greens.

It is an oil rich in unsaturated fat acids and lecithin. It can be used in the preparation of dressings, vinagrettes, sauces and also in gourmet kitchen as a flavor enhacer.

More Details

Ingredients: 100% Toasted sesame oil
Indications: Baking, Cooking, Eating.
Sodium Free, Salt Free.
Certified Kosher, Vegan.